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Born in USSR in a small secret town in Siberia. Got my first computer at age 6 and I'm in computers since then.

Graduated Siberial Federal University as bachelor in Computer Science, later achieved Master Degree in Space Physics.

At different periods of life in Russia managed to work as Tradie, Builder, Painter, IT Support, SysAdmin, Fullstack Software Developer, Team Lead, Chief Technology Officer

New Zealand

Moved to Auckland back in 2011. Work-shifted to full-time Software Developer (C# + MSSQL).

Travelled a lot, visited most of the key New Zealand locations. Also visited (mostly work-related) China, Malaysia, Australia, USA.

Flew locally a lot, especially on small planes like Cessna-182.

After 8 years in NZ time to go for new challenges


Moved to Brisbane in 2019. Work remotely from Brisbane since.

Continue traveling both overseas (Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Philippines) and exploring local Queensland scenic spots too. There are so many local places to visit around Brisbane ^_^

Onewheel group rides are also much bigger here in Queensland.

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